Heart Health with the American Heart Association


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American Heart Association
Image: heart.org

Dr. Sanjiv Narayan, a medical expert and entrepreneur, recently sold his startup company, which provides new therapies to people with unmet medical needs in the field of heart rhythm disorders, to Abbott Laboratories. Dr. Sanjiv Narayan is also a member of the American Heart Association (AHA), and other prominent medical association.

AHA is the oldest and biggest voluntary organization in the United States that focuses on fighting stroke and heart disease. Its leaders use funds and initiatives to improve the lives of Americans everywhere.

One of the heart conditions that AHA strives to prevent is heart attacks. Heart attacks happen when the blood flow, which is rich in the life-giving oxygen that the heart needs to survive, is cut off or drastically reduced. When coronary arteries are narrowed because of cholesterol or fat build-up, plaque forms. Plaque can break off the heart artery walls, creating a clot that stops blood from flowing into the heart muscle.

Each year, countless Americans survive heart attacks and are able to return to their regular lives. To help heart attack survivors and others, the American Heart Association has cardiac rehabilitation programs. Heart attack survivors receive counseling and education, where they learn to improve their health, heighten their fitness, and decrease their chances of future heart problems.