Dr. Narayan Continues Research into All Aspects of AF Care

Sanjiv Narayan Abbott pic
Sanjiv Narayan

Sanjiv M. Narayan, MD, PhD, is a research cardiologist who serves as at Stanford University as both a faculty member and co-founder of the Stanford Arrhythmia Center, a multidisciplinary center aimed at broadening the area of cardiac arrhythmia research. Throughout the course of his career, former University of California, San Diego, professor Dr. Sanjiv Narayan has committed himself to being a part of ongoing research projects that explore all aspects of diagnosing and treating atrial fibrillation (abnormal heart rhythm).

In a recent trial, Dr. Narayan was part of a research team that studied 55 different patients with regular atrial fibrillation who had undergone ablation to treat their condition. Ablation is the scarring of blood vessels that are sending the abnormal electrical signals to the heart. Two different mapping methods were used to examine aspects of this treatment, including the methods that cause atrial fibrillation (driver mechanisms) in the first place.

Researchers concluded that ablation therapy resulted in sites that “show organized activation that fluctuate over time because of collision from concurrent organized zones or fibrillatory waves, yet recur in conserved spatial regions.” Based on these irregular readings, the team encourages researchers to examine data from their mapping methods compared to the existing data gained from mapping methods across years of research to better develop treatment plans for their atrial fibrillation patients.