Understanding the Causes and Symptoms of Arrhythmia


Atrial Flutter pic
Image: webmd.com

Sanjiv M. Narayan is a well-established cardiologist and medical researcher who has developed innovative atrial fibrillation solutions. In his position as a professor of Stanford University, Sanjiv M. Narayan is in the process of establishing a center focused on arrhythmia research and therapy. Arrhythmia is a condition that causes the heart to beat irregularly.

With a variety of symptoms, including a fluttering or racing heart, arrhythmia is caused by the electrical signals used to coordinate the heartbeat failing to work in sync. Common symptoms include a sense of breathlessness and dizziness. The causes of the condition range from mental stress to diabetes, as well as harmful habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption. Arrhythmia with no apparent symptoms may be detected through EKGs or routine exams.

Medications can control, but do not generally cure arrhythmia. One traditional treatment involves the use of cardioversion, or an electrical shock used to reset the heart to its proper rhythm. Ablation therapy involves the movement of catheters through one’s blood vessels, so that the catheter tube destroys or scars small sections of problem heart tissue.

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