Heart Rhythm Society (HRS)


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Heart Rhythm Society
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Currently serving as the professor of medicine at Stanford University in Stanford, California, Sanjiv Narayan oversees the research and development of bioengineering solutions. As a professional in the medical industry, Sanjiv Narayan is also a member of several professional organizations, including being a fellow at the Heart Rhythm Society.

Organized in 1979, the Heart Rhythm Society was created to encourage the study of electrophysiology and cardiac pacing. Originally named the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE), the name was changed to the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) in 2004 to better represent its mission and to appeal to a wider constituency.

The Heart Rhythm Society features patient resources that can provide information regarding the operations of the heart along with risk factors like high blood pressure and arrhythmias, as well as prevention techniques to help keep your heart healthy. The society research information also includes heart healthy eating and how to reduce stress in your life.