A Brief Overview of Atrial Fibrillation Symptoms and Treatments

Sanjiv Narayan Abbott pic
Sanjiv Narayan Abbott

An accomplished physician and medical innovator, Dr. Sanjiv Narayan developed a novel atrial fibrillation (AFib) therapy that was acquired by Abbott Laboratories. By selling his technology to Abbott, Dr. Sanjiv Narayan advanced his goal to make improved therapies more widely available to those with AFib, a condition he has studied and treated throughout his career.

Characterized by a rapid and irregular heart rhythm, AFib is a relatively common arrhythmia disorder that causes symptoms ranging from chest pain and fatigue to dizziness and confusion. In addition to experiencing these bothersome symptoms, AFib patients are at a higher risk for stroke, so physicians often prescribe a blood-thinning medication along with rate-control and anti-arrhythmic medications as part of their treatment plan.

Other treatments include both nonsurgical and surgical procedures, such as electrical cardioversion and cardio ablation. Currently, many physicians and medical companies, including Abbott Electrophysiology, are working to improve upon these treatments and introduce new therapies that could potentially lead to better outcomes for AFib patients.